Workplace stress and what you can do about it

Workplaces are increasingly stressful with most people feeling overwhelmed at least some proportion of the time. This can lead to all manner of mental and physical health problems so it’s worth looking at ways to alleviate stressful symptoms sooner rather than later.

Why Work Stresses Us Out (and What We Can Do About It)

We found this interesting infographic originally on The Salary Reporter website highlighting how our body responds to stress, which should give us all motivation to deal with the problem in order to take care of our long term health rather than trying to eliminate stress altogether. We know the latter is impossible for many of us but the one thing we do have control over is how we respond to stress in any given situation. Even acknowledging the point where you’re feeling stressed, taking the time to do some deep breathing or removing yourself from the situation can be all it takes to give yourself space.

Closely observe the pictures you visualise and the words that you say in your mind as these have a profound effect on how you feel physically. We need to persevere in changing our thought patterns and images over time in order to build new thinking habits. Even if you do this and feel it’s not working, keep going. You will break through that seemingly invisible barrier and develop more a more healthy response mechanism to situations that used to bother you. Meditation and yoga are very useful tools too.

As well as this, you should always take your holidays every year – never lose them. When you realise that the world of work will carry on without you there and that your inbox will still be full regardless of whether you take a holiday or not, you will start to opt for the latter. Better to have some time out and relaxation and have a full inbox than being completely frazzled and much of the same. No one will thank you for it.

One thing to remember if you really are struggling with stress is to talk to your GP or one of the many charities that are set up to help people in your situation. You don’t have to feel you are alone.