NTW: why meditation is the new push-up and how it boosts genes

We’ve an interesting round-up of meditation articles for you in News This Week (NTW) that are bound to get you in the mood for zen. Happy reading:

1. Robert Piper of Huffington Post, wrote a great piece on 10 Reasons Why Meditation Is America’s New Push-Up for the Brain. From stress release to strengthening the brain to helping protect against colds to positively changes to the brain even when not meditating, it’s a great reminder why the practice is such an important part of our daily life.

2.  Meditation boosts genes that promote good health posted by Andy Coghlan at New Scientist, takes a look at research where volunteers  spent eight weeks performing meditation daily, the results of which showed that ‘clusters of important beneficial genes had become more active and harmful ones less so’.

3. Another article on it’s impact on gene expression is Meditation Produces Opposite Effect of ‘Fight or Flight’ by Traci Pedersen of PsychCentral. The findings showed that the effects became stronger the more that people practiced meditation; just 10 – 20 minutes twice a day could make a real difference.

4. James Hamblin of The Atlantic writes about how meditation improves memory and attention. The study was carried out on students with findings highlighting that they did better in tests as a result.

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