What is an essential oil diffuser

An aromatherapy (or essential oil) diffuser emits a fragrant mist using water and essential oils. They’re often used by massage and beauty therapists as they’re often found to be very relaxing.

The model shown here is used in our office but can also be used in the home. The larger size means the diffuser runs for longer with a choice of 1-, 3- or 6-hour options.Essential Oil Diffuser

Being able to choose your own oils to suit your mood means that you can work with how you feel – or want to feel. Sometimes we need something uplifting as the day wears on. Equally, a relaxing blend can be just the ticket if we’re unwinding.

As well as making a room smell nice, they’re also handy for getting rid of cooking/food smells too. The aromatherapy diffuser is versatile in this respect.

If you’re looking for a diffuser for your bedside table, you might want to opt for a smaller version. Having purchased one for a relative (which can be found here), it was a good decision to make. Whilst it doesn’t have as long a running time as the larger version, it’s only used for about 30 minutes before going to bed so is ideal.

Both versions have an auto-off when the water is low or it’s reached its allotted time. If I leave the room I normally will turnHow an Essential Oil Diffuser Works it off in any case.

Essential oil diffusers are very easy to use: find an appropriate place on a flat, stable surface where there will be nothing obstructing the top where the mist is emitted. It’s also best not to use too near walls, furniture etc.

In our larger version here, there are two switches, one for the mist which you press a number of times to set it for however long you want it to remain on for. There is also a button for light which you just keep pressing until you find the colour that you like (it can be quite soothing later in the evening).

This one came with a little leaflet that shows you how to use the diffuser as well as providing precautions as well. These are mainly common sense but is worth reading over. It’s important to remember to clean it regularly, following the instructions provided with the specific diffuser you decide to purchase.

As with all essential oils, use carefully and if in doubt consult a medical practitioner before use. Take particular caution when pregnant, around children and pets.

Useful websites:

Aromatherapy Council on essential oil safety
The International Federation of Aromatherapists