The West’s biggest companies embrace meditation

Some of the World’s biggest companies are turning to yoga, meditation, and mindfulness in a bid to train minds to be more focused, according to a report in the FT Magazine.

It highlighted the likes of General Mills, which introduced mindfulness into the organisation some 7 years ago, looking to help staff gain a clearer mind and increase creativity in the knowledge that this would ultimately benefit the business.

Meditation is something that is being seen by corporations more and more as benefiting the bottom line. If your workforce have greater clarity and thoughtfulness in the way they operate then this is going to be beneficial to the business – after all, business success is borne out by having good relationships with colleagues, customers, suppliers – indeed anyone that staff come into contact with. It’s certainly a great way to build customer relationships as most people like to deal with those that act in a calm and considered manner. Therefore, everyone stands to benefit from mindfulness meditation, both staff on a personal level and the business as a whole.

The article is well worth a read; it can be found here on the FT’s website.