Neuroplasticity – change your brain, change your life

We still don’t know a great deal about the brain, which is the most complicated organ in the body.

With an estimated 100 billion nerve cells, the human brain is connected by a huge number of neural pathways which work together influencing how we think and interact with others and the world around us each and every day.

It has been a long held belief that our brains grow to full size in early adulthood and it can no longer be changed.
The neural pathways were fixed for the rest of our lives, meaning that thinking and behaviour were totally unchangeable. Addictive tendencies, obsessive thoughts, depression, anxiety, were all thought to be due to how a brain was wired and as a result many people continue to struggle with these issues for most of their life. But we know that this doesn’t have to be the case.

Breakthroughs in neuroplasticity have come to make us realise that our brains never stop developing throughout our whole lives. This opens up incredible opportunities for so many people who thought they were suffering with a lifelong mental issues.

It has been shown that it is possible to rewire our neural pathways within the brain as well as creating new ones using techniques like positive thinking, meditation and other mind development tools. There have already been a number of people who have  proved this to be the case including Barbara Arrowsmith-Young who’s Ted Talk was very inspiring. It just goes to show that we really do not fully appreciate the massive capabilities of the human mind.