Millionaires who meditate

Many are coming to understand the deeper benefits of meditation in all its forms. When it comes to business it’s particularly good to reduce stress, anxiety and regain a sense of control. But it’s also beneficial to being more creatively, innovative and aids the decision-making process.

Today, there are many top executives in business that use meditation to help them stay in control of their busy lives and schedules. Here’s a list of some of those that are finding balance and harmony through meditation:

Marc Benioff: CEO,
Has practised meditation for more than a decade. Is reported to have started meditation whilst he was working at Oracle.
Benefits: reduce stress; maintain clear head

Andrew Cherng: Founder, Panda Express
A firm believer of meditation; employees are encouraged to participate; Cherng has made meditation a part of the business culture at Panda Express. Reported to have halted a business meeting to encourage a stressed store manager to step outside and meditate.
Benefits: reduce stress

Ray Dalio: CEO/founder, Bridgewater Associates
A proponent of transcendental meditation; an important part of the global hedge fund’s culture. Has been meditating for more than 40 years; first inspired by Beatles to meditate; takes a practical approach to meditation rather than ‘spiritual’
Benefits: fundamental to a successful life; created ‘peace, health, creativity and centredness’.

Rick Goings: CEO, Tupperware
Meditates daily to refocus. Usually practices for 20 minutes each afternoon.
Benefits: reduce stress; concentrate better on key tasks; enhance performance; better deal with demands of as a business leader.

Arianna Huffington: President, Editor-in-Chief, Huffington Post Media Group
Believes meditation not only aids good health but is in the best interests of business too. Has meditated since her teenage years. She believes meditation played a major role in her success.
Benefits: competitive advantage; reduce stress; increase health and happiness; more effective; greater energy in the business.

Joe Rogan: Host, UFC and Joe Rogan Show
A strong proponent of meditation
Benefits: greater focus on his ventures; maintain a clear and calm approach.

Jerry Seinfeld: Comedian/Entertainer
One of the world’s most successful entertainers; believed to be worth over $800 million
Benefits: greater productivity

Russell Simmons: Co-founder, Def Jam Records
Practices transcendental meditation; morning meditation routine helps to create improve productivity throughout the day. He believes meditation is one of the most important factors in his successful career.
Benefits: access ‘inner strength and stillness; connection with his universe.

Bob Shapiro: former CEO, Monsanto; venture capitalist
Started to meditate whilst a student at Harvard. He told Bloomberg, “As a business person, I noticed a number of people I knew pretty well who really picked up on it, people who perhaps had come into it with some degree of scepticism and found the experience useful.”

Nancy Slomowitz: CEO, Executive Management Associates
She introduced transcendental meditation to her employees – and also made a film about it having experienced the benefits of meditation: “The Meditation Makeover: Beads and Incense Not Required”.
Benefits: less stress, greater energy, increased productivity.

Robert Stiller: Founder, Green Mountain Coffee Roaster
Although now retired, he used to bring in meditation instructors at Green Mountain Coffee Roaster to lead meditation sessions with his employees.
Benefits: better focus on tasks and see them through to completion; improved efficiency in meetings; greater happiness which is key to achieving peak performance.

Padmasree Warrior: CTO, Cisco Systems
Meditates each evening and at weekends usually for around 20 minutes; helps to detox from her digital world
Benefits: “almost like a reboot for your brain and your soul”

Jeff Weiner: CEO, LinkedIn
Sets time in his calendar each day to practice meditation.
Benefits: more empathetic; greater compassion; increased productivity.

Oprah Winfrey: CEO Harpo Productions Inc
Practices transcendental meditation twice a day; brought meditation teachers in so staff can learn the practice if they want to.
Benefits: brings stillness; helps to deal with hectic daily schedule; helps her to produce her best work.