Mental Toughness for Creating Outrageous Achievement

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Dr. Nick Lazaris – “Mental Toughness for Creating Outrageous Achievement”

Description: If you are ready to take yourself to new levels of achievement, whether in the academic or business arenas or in your personal life, you will want to join Dr. Nick Lazaris as he outlines the essential principles and skills needed to achieve outrageous success. While many settle for “good enough,” most want to rise above mediocrity and work toward something better. In this lecture, you will learn to develop the “Mindset of a Champion” and apply specific principles used by successful business people, world-class athletes and performing artists at the tops of their games in order to take charge of your life and achieve optimal performance and success.

Bio: For 31 years, Dr. Nick Lazaris has specialized in providing consulting, coaching and speaking services to business professionals, performing artists, athletes and students. He focuses on helping his clients develop the ability to perform at or near their personal best regardless of their fears or anxieties.

In addition to his private practice as a clinical psychologist, Dr. Lazaris maintains a performance coaching practice. He also serves as an adjunct professor at Biola University’s School of Professional Studies and at California Baptist University.

The author of four books and five audio learning programs, Dr. Lazaris has received the Bronze Microphone Award of the Los Angeles Chapter of the National Speakers Association, and he speaks and consults on topics related to performance enhancement, work-life balance, overcoming fear/anxiety and leadership development.

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