Omharmonics Multivariate Resonance Technology

The search for the next generation in meditation technology led Vishen Lakhiani, owner of MindValley, to create Omharmonics as a much needed alternative to the traditional meditation recordings. Omharmonics uses Multivariate Resonance Technology, which taps into binaural beat patterns, inducing states of relaxation and creativity very quickly.

Having tried this out for ourselves, we can verify that it does have a tremendous, intense effect and we like the fact that there are shorter versions of the different meditations which means that if you’re pushed for time you can still squeeze in a meditation session before work or when you return home. In fact, we’ve even done this whilst commuting and although it takes time to get used to it is worth persevering.

One thing we did notice after about a fortnight was that things which previously caused frustration no longer stirred this emotion. It could only be described as a feeling of being on the outside of a problem looking down. This made issues much easy to deal with, kind of like they had been depersonalised. Not that we didn’t care but that it was easier to deal with them in a much more objective manner. And the outcome was equally as satisfactory.

It was for this reason that we decided to work with Omharmonics to promote their technology and get the message out there. Of course, as we’ve mentioned elsewhere on the site, you don’t need anything except a willingness and openness to benefit from meditation and mindfulness practice in everyday life,  but we found Omharmonics helped and provided a new dimension to the meditation journey.

The only way to find out whether this has the same effect for you is to try it out for yourself. Visit the Omharmonics website where you’ll be able to download a free audio. Also, take a look at the video below where a meditation on Times Square in the US was held.



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