Meditation apps bring relaxation through the phone

We’re often encouraged to turn off our technology – particularly our phone – when it comes to meditating but an article in the Los Angeles Times shows that it can indeed be an enabler to peace and calm:

“When it’s time to meditate, sit comfortably, focus your attention … and reach for your smartphone?

“More and more people are doing just that, if Apple’s iPhoneApp Store is any indication — a search for “meditation” results in more than 1,000 possible downloads. But isn’t the point to unplug?

“The guidance offered in these apps “allows you just to let go and stop worrying about whether you’re doing it right,” says Stephan Bodian, a psychotherapist in Tucson and the developer of the Mindfulness Meditation app. “You can just relax and let yourself be led.””

What makes this story so poignant is that meditation is all about making it work for the individual. And that’s the key. In business life we might not be able to spend one hour meditating each morning. But we could spend 5 or 15 minutes during the day, for example when we’re travelling. It’s about looking for different ways to integrate meditation into everyday life, to make it work for us. This story is a great example of this concept at work.

You can read the full article on how mediation apps can bring peaceful calm on the Los Angeles Times website.