Meditation and exercise may reduce illness from colds and flu

In business as in life no one wants to be ill. After all, whilst you’re unwell, you’re not able to work on your business, losing valuable time – or worse, you’re compounding the situation by carrying on regardless of not feeling well. Reuters reported that new research indicates that meditation and exercise could  reduce the length of time that we’re ill:

“..if our results turn out to be true… that’s monumental,” said Dr. Bruce Barrett of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, who led the work.

“That’s because there are few ways people can avoid catching a cold – an illness that, despite being mild, costs society billions every year.

“The only preventive things that we have at our disposal right now (for colds) are hand washing and avoiding sick contacts,” Barrett told Reuters Health.

“Previous work has suggested that people who exercise or have low stress levels are less likely to get sick.”

The research took three groups: one which focused on meditation, another exercise and a third which acted as a passive comparison group.

Here’s the full story on how meditation may reduce illness.