Most important daily habits

There are many lists of the most important daily habits. Some offer really valuable advice. However, for me I have only one thing on that list: to meditate.

You see, meditation is my one big rock. It’s the foundation upon which everything else sits in life. How I go about my day and daily business, the relationships I have with other people and the choices I make. It keeps me balanced, calm and centred. In fact, meditation is as important as cleaning my teeth or showering each day.

When you can look at the world more objectively, and not get pulled into the chaos (much of which is unnecessary) you can focus on what’s important. Everything else is a distraction.

Being mindful and being in the now is the most important thing we have – in fact it’s all any of us have. Meditation helps to ensure that whilst we can’t control what happens around us, we can control how we respond and that gives us power.

So much of the stressors in life are unnecessary. With meditation, we can become aware of what those stresses and choose not to let them influence how we feel. Being mindful and in the now, we understand the impermanence of any challenges we face, that they won’t last forever. Time will pass.

For me, it’s the perfect way to set myself up for the day. And as a pick-me-up late afternoon. It ensures I focus on what matters most, my own mental state and inner sense of wellbeing.