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How to meditate

When life is hectic and we feel stressed and over-worked it can be hard to keep the mind and body healthy. Time seems like it’s a limited resource that gets eaten up by everything else that calls for our attention.…

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Balanced approach is first step to being a better boss

There’s no doubt that having a clear mind can help you to respond more appropriately to situations in a much calmer and balanced way. It’s interesting to see that more and more senior managers are looking to meditation to help…

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Six steps to meditative calm

Here’s six steps to calm your mind and bring balance and present-mindedness to your day. These steps are courtesy of the Huffington Post, written by authors Ed and Deb Shapiro: Six Steps to Freedom 1. Create a daily practice, even if…

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Deeper relaxation with Omharmonics advanced meditation audio technology

We really loved this video from MindValley’s Vishen Lakhiani; having used Omharmonics ourselves we know firsthand that this advanced meditation audio technology does work. We hope you enjoy the video; if you want experience Omharmonics meditation for free click here.

Practicing mindfulness – Diana Winston, TEDxSunsetPark

We came across the following video where Diana Winston, director of Mindfulness Education at UCLA MARC, presented at the TEDx Sunset Park in July this year. She provides a good overview of mindfulness, along with a five minute meditation taster…

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