Category: Meditation for health

Meditation and exercise may reduce illness from colds and flu

In business as in life no one wants to be ill. After all, whilst you’re unwell, you’re not able to work on your business, losing valuable time – or worse, you’re compounding the situation by carrying on regardless of not…

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The power of daily rituals and maintaining a peak state of flow

This is an amazing video from Vishen Lakhinani of MindValley on keeping in a peak state of flow throughout the day and it’s positive impact on life. It’s only 8 minutes long, worth watching as it’s totally spot on:

NTW: why meditation is the new push-up and how it boosts genes

We’ve an interesting round-up of meditation articles for you in News This Week (NTW) that are bound to get you in the mood for zen. Happy reading: 1. Robert Piper of Huffington Post, wrote a great piece on 10 Reasons Why…

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Practicing mindfulness – Diana Winston, TEDxSunsetPark

We came across the following video where Diana Winston, director of Mindfulness Education at UCLA MARC, presented at the TEDx Sunset Park in July this year. She provides a good overview of mindfulness, along with a five minute meditation taster…

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Calm your mind, heal your body: why stress is the root of most illness

This great video from Dr Mark Hyman is well worth watching – he talks about how stress is the root of most illnesses and what can be done about it. His whole system thinking i.e functional medicine approach focuses on…

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